October 25, 2020   

Pats Peak Info
Handbook and
2020 Sandown Ski Club Registration Process

Please complete the following steps to register
for the Sandown Ski Club's upcoming season.

Step 1:
Complete the Packet of Forms (pdf below).
The entire packet must be filled out for each child that is participating.
It is recommended that you fill this out before signups.

Step 2:
Go to the Pat's Peak LTSR page to purchase the ski package for each child.

Step 3:
Log into the Pat's Peak website. New members will need to create an account.

Step 4:
On the Learn to Ski and Ride Program page, enter the Access Code "vortex-20" to begin the registration process.
Remember - all 3rd thru 5th grade students must take a lesson.

Please contact a coordinator with any questions.

Charlie Donohue 489-8845

Please remember to go to the Pat's Peak web site to complete the registration process.
2020 Sandown Ski Club Registration Forms Packet


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